Our Broadwater Salts are sustainably raised and harvested from the pristine waters of Hog Island Bay within the Virginia Coast Reserve. The waters within the Virginia Coast reserve provide the ideal conditions for cultivating some of the best tasting oysters on the East Coast. Twice daily tides bring in salty (32 ppt), nutrient rich waters from the Atlantic Ocean, marinating our oysters with "the best spices mother nature has to offer: the sea salts of the Atlantic Ocean and Hog Island Bay."

  Between the time that the oysters are less than 10mm until they reach the ideal 3" - 4" size, we handle every oyster to ensure that it has the ideal shape for the half shell market. 


We have the following sizes of Oysters available:

  • -Seed 

  • -Half Shell Size (approximately 3" - 4")   


For sales please contact us directly at 757-710-0353  or  broadwaterseafood@yahoo.com