Our oyster and clam grounds are located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in the heart of the Virginia Coast Reserve, one of the last stretches of coastal wilderness in the Mid-Atlantic. Twice daily tides from the Atlantic Ocean flush pristine salty-waters into the famous Hog Island Bay, providing ample food for our filter feeding shellfish. This unique water chemistry is reflected in the delicate and briny flavor of our clams and oysters. 

  Clams and Oysters have historically been prolific in the lower Chesapeake Bay and the coastal bays behind the Barrier Islands. Wild populations of shellfish remain healthy and provide a sustainable living for watermen harvesting clams and oysters. Our operation takes sustainability to another level, by putting millions of clams and oysters into the water, we are helping to improve the environment where we work.

  Our headquarters are located in Willis Wharf, Virginia: approximately 3.5 hours from the metropolitan areas of Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and one hour from Norfolk.